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Airtable / QR Code Generator

Personalised QR codes.
For Airtable.

Easily generate personalised QR codes from your Airtable data.
Make a QR code that works for you

Customisable & flexible.

Easily specify the Airtable data field mapping, file format, error correction level, margin and more.
Specify the error correction level
Add a margin around the QR code
Set the file format (PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG)
Easily automate QR code creation

Automate QR code generation.

Using the provided Airtable automation script, you can easily automate creation of QR codes when a record is added or updated.1
Personalised to your brand

Let customers know it's you, by branding QR codes.

Use the colour picker to specify the foreground & background colour, and premium customers can even add an overlay image such as a business logo.2
QR Code is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated.
1. Additional purchase of an Airtable Plus plan or above plus QR Code Generator Premium may be required to use some functionality, such as automation scripts. Sold separately, via
2. Some features including icon overlays, removal of watermark and more require a QR Code Generator Premium subscription to function.

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Start generating QR codes for Airtable today.

Multiple file formats

Choose from JPG, PNG, GIF and SVG (doesn't support all features such as icon overlay).

Error correction level

Specify how resilient your QR codes are to damage.

Customise colours

Select the foreground and background colour to match your brand.

Icon overlay

Premium customers can add custom icons overlaid on top of the QR code.

Icon overlay

Premium customers can add custom icons overlaid on top of the QR code.

Custom text

Add custom text to the bottom of your QR code image when using the automation scripts.

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