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Google Forms / Form to Trello

Create Trello cards.
‍From Google Form responses.

It's that simple.
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Built to be flexible.

Easily map Google Form fields to Trello card fields, including card title, description, link and more.
Specify the card title, description, link & more
Include multiple fields in the card description
Choose if new cards appear at the top or bottom of your list
Support for Trello card metadata

Show due dates, map coordinates and more.

Map your form fields to latitude, longitude, web URLs and even due dates. Then watch as your Trello card comes alive.
Set default Trello card members, checklists and more

Clone cards to get a head start

Premium customers can even specify an existing Trello card to clone, and customise what fields should be cloned.
Designed for forms with small, infrequent responses. Trello account required.
Card creation in Trello is best effort and not guaranteed. API rate limits, network outages and more may impact the success of card creation.


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