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Specify the exact size and position for Miro board elements.

It’s that simple. This app is built to help you easily create precise layouts in Miro.

Specify the exact X, Y, height, width and more for supported Miro board elements.

Built to be flexible.

Get started within minutes

Easily specify the exact X & Y coordinates relative to the center point of your Miro boards.

Specify the exact X & Y coordinate

Provide relative adjustments

Create precise board layouts

Set the size & rotation

Make your board stand out

For supported board items*, specify the height, width and rotation in device-independent pixels (dp).

*Due to Miro API limitations, not all board items support all operations. You can find a table showing supported operations for board types here.

Be absolute or relative

Personalised to your brand

Sizes and positions can be specified in absolute terms or relative terms. For example, specify an item be placed at the X coordinate 20 or that the item’s X coordinate should be moved from its current location by 20dp.

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