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Microsoft / Chat Exporter for Microsoft Teams

Export your personal Microsoft Teams chats.
It's that simple.

Save chats to file, so you can view them later.
Extract the data you care about, in the way you want it

Export your 1:1 chats

Specify the peronsal chat, time window, file format and you're ready to go.
Runs locally in your web browser
Extract all messages in a chat, or from within a specific timeframe
Set the file format (CSV, PNG or JSON)
Note that some organisations may require approval of this application via Azure Active Directory before you'll be able to export your messages. If this is the case, you'll get a prompt or error on login.

Some organisational retention policies may also prohibit the export of messages. We suggest attempting to use the free trial before paying for Premium.


Get started using Chat Exporter for free, or upgrade to Premium for additional functionality.

Help & Support

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