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Privacy Policy

As a matter of principle, we store as little information about you and your data as possible.

Last updated 25th April, 2022

What we store

We don’t store any of the data you send to us via the application except for the following:

  • Payment details and basic contact information, stored and managed by third-party payment provider Gumroad
  • Basic metrics and usage data for the sole purpose of triaging errors and issues

Our providers

We use the following providers to service you:

Collected diagnostic data

The following is a sample of the diagnostic data we collect in Azure Application Insights for the purposes of debugging and application monitoring and continuity:

  • DeviceContext (including IP address, locale, device model, network, screen resolution and device type)
  • ClientContext (including OS, locale, language, network and window resolution)
  • Session (including session ID)
  • ServerContext (including machine name, locale, OS, user session, user context and operation)
  • Inferred (including geo location from IP address, timestamp, OS and browser)
  • Crashes
  • Exceptions
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