What we store

We don’t store any of the data you send to us via the application except for the following:

  • Payment details and basic contact information, stored and managed by third-party payment provider Gumroad
  • Basic metrics and usage data for the sole purpose of triaging errors and issues

Our providers

We use the following providers to service you:

Collected diagnostic data

The following is a sample of the diagnostic data we collect in Azure Application Insights for the purposes of debugging and application monitoring and continuity:

  • DeviceContext (including IP address, locale, device model, network, screen resolution and device type)
  • ClientContext (including OS, locale, language, network and window resolution)
  • Session (including session ID)
  • ServerContext (including machine name, locale, OS, user session, user context and operation)
  • Inferred (including geo location from IP address, timestamp, OS and browser)
  • Crashes
  • Exceptions