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Generate QR codes and barcodes for your bases.

  • Customer service automation
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Landing page creation


Find nearby public toilets, search for broadcast towers and more.

  • Enhanced engagement
  • User-generated content
  • Competitive advantage

Office 365, Miro & more...

Generate QR codes, specify exact object placements and more.

  • File sync and sharing
  • Automatic backup
  • File recovery
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How to automatically generate QR codes for Airtable

How to automatically generate QR codes for Airtable

If you’re looking to generate QR codes for Airtable, then you can combine our automation script with the power of Airtable automations to do so. If you don’t have Airtable Pro or Enterprise and are willing to generate your QR codes manually, you can install our Airtable extension to do so. Note that by buying […]

API Documentation

API Documentation

Create QR codes HTTP Method: POST, GET URL: https://qrcodegenerator.api.littleappy.co/qrcode/basic Parameters: Parameter Description PixelsPerModuleRequired Default value: 20Number of pixels per module. For example, 20 pixels per module will result in an image approximately 400x400px. ContentRequired The URL encoded content to be embedded within the generated QR code, such as a URL or text. This is what […]

How to export chats from Microsoft Teams

How to export chats from Microsoft Teams

Looking for an easy way to export personal chats from Microsoft Teams? There’s a few options available now, varying in cost and depending on your needs. Option 1: Use Chat Exporter for MS Teams We built this small app to allow you to export personal Teams conversations as CSV, PNG or JSON files. It’s only […]