How to automatically generate QR codes for Airtable

Published 2023-06-12

If you’re looking to generate QR codes for Airtable, then you can combine our automation script with the power of Airtable automations to do so.

  1. First, ensure you’re using an Airtable Pro or Enterprise subscription. Unfortunately Airtable only allows custom automation scripts on these two tiers.

  2. Then, open our automation script and provide the following information:

  • Name of the table within your Airtable base that contains the data you want to generate QR codes for
  • Name of the content field within your Airtable table that contains the values you want to encode within the QR codes
  • Name of image attachment field within your Airtable table that is where you want the generated QR codes to be inserted to
  • License key (you can purchase one here)
  1. Click “Generate Script”
  2. Copy the generated Airtable script, and open Airtable
  3. Open your Airtable base, and click “Automations”
  4. Click “Create automation” and add a trigger “When record created” (or choose whatever trigger works best for the scenario when you’d like to generate QR codes)
  5. Add the “Run Script” action
  6. Paste the script from step 4 into the “Script” section
  7. Click “Edit code” to see the full-screen code editor. On the left-hand side, add an input variable. Note that this is case sensitive and must match the below values:
  • Name: recordId
  • Value: Airtable record ID
  1. Click “Test action” and your automation should run successfully. If not, watch this video to confirm you’ve setup your automation correctly. If you’re getting an error “cannot read properties of undefined” then double check your input variable matches the above configuration as this error suggests you’ve entered it incorrectly.

If you don’t have Airtable Pro or Enterprise and are willing to generate your QR codes manually, you can install our Airtable extension to do so. Note that by buying a license key, you’ll have access to both the extension and the automation script.

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