Barcode Generator Privacy Policy

Last updated: 15th May, 2024

What we store

We don’t store any of the data you send to us via the barcode generator application except for the following:

  • Payment details and basic contact information, stored and managed by third-party payment provider Gumroad
  • Basic metrics and usage data for the sole purpose of triaging errors and issues

In addition, the content you send when generating a barcode may be temporarily cached by third parties such as Cloudflare or any proxies on your network. As such, we suggest you don’t create barcodes containing sensitive or personally identifiable information.

Our providers

We use the following providers to service you:

  • Gumroad for payments
  • Cloudflare for securing the API and DNS resolution
  • Digital Ocean hosts the API in the New York region
  • Airtable hosts the Airtable application
  • New Relic for error monitoring and triaging to ensure service continuity
  • Plausible for web analytics on